Sabadell Digital: this is your place, now is your time.

Sabadell Digital offers you…

… the chance to develop your career in a great company like Banco Sabadell Group, committed to innovation and technological and digital transformation. Will you join us?

Reasons to join our team:

  • Be part of the challenge: this is the perfect place to be part of the digital and technological transformation of Spain’s fourth largest banking group. Achieve your goals in an environment where you are listened to and valued.
  • What you do matters: being part of Sabadell Digital means feeling that you add value. Our culture fosters a close-knit relationship and your learning will be continuous.
  • Grow in Sabadell Digital: forming part of a community of talent where there is inspiration and a shared vision that motivates us as a team. You will improve yourself and those around you.
  • Feel pride in your work: see yourself driving progress in innovation and technology.
  • Develop your passion: feel motivated every day while you constantly evolve, learning with every project and every challenge.

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We are looking for people with experience in:

Project Management

Technology and digital projects

Development of applications or technological infrastructure

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At Sabadell Digital we want to get to know you

We want to have the best talent in our team at Sabadell Digital and throughout Banco Sabadell Group.


If you want to train and develop your professional career in the field of innovation and technological and digital transformation, Sabadell Digital is for you.


Sabadell Digital was created to drive the bank’s transformation process. To achieve that, we provide global solutions, relying on the latest technology, our ability to innovate and the experience of a team that helps us build the future.

Being part of Sabadell Digital means joining a team of professionals who strive for excellence, innovate and make things happen.


Sabadell Digital’s working model allows us to offer Banco Sabadell the solutions it needs and provides you with a global and cross-cutting vision of the organisation, enhancing your learning. How we do it:

  • We are all about delivery: Closeness and empathy with the customer are our hallmark. We stay close to our customers by offering the best technological and digital solutions.
  • We are collaborative: We achieve our objectives by combining effort and talent.
  • We are flexible: We adapt to the environment, to the customer, and we do so because we know that this is the only way to keep building the best solutions.
  • We like challenges: Faced with challenges we offer the best version of ourselves. This makes us evolve, explore new ways of working, innovate and give free rein to our creativity… We say “yes” to every challenge that takes us further.
  • We are driven by talent: Talent is what makes us different, what brings us closer to our most ambitious goals.
  • We are close-knit: We are people who work for people and with people. The key is understanding our customers’ needs and finding effective solutions together.
We are looking for talent able to…
Internship Programme


Collaboration, joint solutions, fostering a united and motivated team…

Internship Programme


Behind every decision we make is the experience that enables us to innovate. We know that our success is not only about doing things right, but also about doing things differently and responsibly.

Internship Programme


We share our customers’ needs as if they were our own. We do our best to understand them and offer them the best solutions at all times.

Sabadell Digital is a company that believes in you and your talent. It is a place where you can enjoy peace of mind and security, knowing that you have the backing of an institution in full growth combined with the attractive benefits of the world of banking.