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Talent Graduate Programme

The Talent Graduate Programme is aimed at promising recent graduates who will have the opportunity to get to know the organisation from the inside out. Time will be split between a range of roles for different units, with responsibilities from day one. This comprehensive programme takes two years to complete.

Talent Graduate Programme
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General information

Recent graduates with a strong academic record in: physics, mathematics, engineering, social science, business administration and management and economics.

To support young, talented graduates in their career and nurture the best talent for the future of our organisation.

Your work will be based on a personalised professional plan, you will learn from top professionals and take on responsibilities from day one.

The training programme takes two years to complete.

You will gain a comprehensive view of the banking business. Upon completion of the programme, depending on the path you have chosen, you will be able to pick from a range of career options.

First hand experiences…
Internship Programme

Jean Paumier

Relationship Manager Middle East & Central Asia – Global Financial Institutions at Banco Sabadell Corporate Banking

What have you studied and where?
Business Administration and Management at the École de Management de Normandie, and an MBA at the Université Laval de Quebec.

What departments have you worked in so far?
Superdex, International Risk Management, Representative office in Poland, IFI and Corporate Risks

Which area did you enjoy most?
IFI, because it is the most international area I have worked in, and it gives you the chance to establish relationships with other financial institutions around the world.

What did you value the most in this programme?
The time that our colleagues spent teaching us the ropes.

Would you recommend this programme? Why?
Yes, because it offers you a global vision and helps you understand the work carried out in a bank. It also allows you to establish contacts both inside and outside of the company to work more efficiently.

Internship Programme

Diego Fernández

Shareholders of Banco Sabadell

What have you studied and where?
I studied Economics at the Complutense University.

What departments have you worked in so far?
Fixed Income, Back Office, Financial Markets and Institutional Portfolio Valuation.

Which area did you enjoy most?
Institutional Portfolio Valuation because, although both are related, the latter will open up more possibilities for me in the future.

What did you value most in this programme?
The rotation gives you an overall perspective of the business.

Would you recommend this programme? Why?
Without a doubt because it was a two-year internship that turned into a long-term investment and allowed me to gain an overall vision of the company.

What are we looking for?
Internship Programme


Recently qualified students with a good academic record in: business administration and management, economics, physics, mathematics, engineering, social sciences.

Internship Programme


High level of English (Advanced, Proficiency or bilingual)

Internship Programme


Ambitious and interested in developing a professional career, including the possibility of working internationally.

Internship Programme


Alignment with the company’s values, service vocation & orientation, professionalism, team work, ethics and social responsibility.

We also value:

Internship Programme


MBA or Master’s Degree/Post-graduate qualification in business or finance.

Internship Programme


Knowledge of financing and banking operations.

Internship Programme


Fluency in other languages (particularly French, Mandarin and Arabic).

Internship Programme


To have lived, studied and/or worked abroad.

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